Full Leg £27.50

Full Leg and Bikini £31.50

Half Leg £21.50

Half Leg and Bikini £27

3/4 Leg £26

3/4 Leg and Bikini Line £29.50

Brazilian/Hollywood £25

Extended Bikini Line £16

Bikini Line £13.50

Underarm £12

Forearm £14

Lip or Chin £10

Lip and Chin £12

Lip, Chin and Cheeks £15

Chest or Back £25

Chest and Back £39

Electrolysis is a permanent type of hair removal used on any areas of unwanted hair. A new sterile needle is used for each client, and the size of the needle is determined on the depth of the hair follicle.

The current used during our electrolysis treatment is called short-wave diathermy. The advantage to this current is it has a quicker method of working and it is very good for fine/shallow hairs.

5 minutes £11

10 minutes £13

20 minutes £18

30 minutes £20.50